We’ve all seen them around town, at events and fairs, car dealers or even in stores. Well… that’s the point and if you own a business or even have a side hustle and haven’t thought about using banners yourself, then you could be missing out. They are inexpensive and quick and easy to put up. They come in just about any size you could need from a simple 12″x24″ up to 48″x96″ or even bigger and can have just about anything printed on them. There are even different types and style of banners for different needs. They are a perfect way to get you business, product, brand or event seen. Set them up on a fence, on post, at tradeshows or almost anywhere you need some attention.


Depending on where of how you are planning on hanging your banner will depend on what type of banner you will need. Some banners are suited for outdoor usage and some are suited for indoor. Generally speaking, most any outdoor type of banner will work just fine indoors but usually an indoor type of banner shouldnt be used outdoors. Reason being, they are made of different materials. Outdoor banner types are made of materials that are designed to withstand the elements such as rain, snow, sun and wind. Indoor banners are generally not designed withstand against the outdoor elements and can fade, rip and even tear apart easily when put outdoors.

Outdoor banners are usually made from either 13oz vinyl, 15oz vinyl or mesh banner material. Yes, there are other types used such as heavier weighted vinyl or even fabric, but these are usually your most common material used. Vinyl banner materials are the most common used as they are less. However, If you are hanging your banner somewhere that has a lot of wind or for long periods of time, then using a mesh material can be better. It was small holes throughout the material that allow the wind to blow through which makes the banner last a lot longer.

Indoor Banners are made from many material ranging from the vinyl as mentioned in outdoor banners to polypropylene films to even paper. It all depends on your budget, placement and even just you decision on what may look the best. Some banners may be hung on a wall or even from the ceiling. Sometimes you may want a banner that can be mounted on a banner stand or in a retractable housing (Roll up Banner).

  • Vinyl
    • Commonly used in a 13oz or 15oz material
    • Affordable and smooth surface
    • Tear-resistant
    • Inexpensive for budgets
    • Good for indoor long-term and outdoor short-term applications
  • Mesh
    • Has small holes that lets are pass through
    • Wind resistant
    • More pricey
    • Mainly used for outdoor long-term applications
  • Paper
    • Great for ceiling or wall mounts mounts
    • Lighter weight compared to vinyl
    • Least expensive for budgets
    • Available in many finishes and weights (thickness)
    • Indoor only applications
  • Film
    • Commonly used in retractable (roll up housing) banners and banner stands
    • Bright white for vivid colors
    • Versatile material used for many types of banners
    • More pricey and great for point-of-purchase graphics
    • Indoor long-term or outdoor short-term applications


When you are needing something more decorative or easy to setup, using something like a banner stand or retractable (roll up) banner can be a good choice. These can be more appealing than using strings or bungees to hang the banner or having the banner strung up to post. They also breakdown to make them easy to transport and store away along with quick and easy setup.

Banner stands are simple pole style frames that snap together and sit on the floor/ground wherever you need the banner to be. Some style simply hang the banner and others can pull outwards on all four corners of the banner to hold it more tightly.

Retractable banners share the benefits of the banner stands of being decorative and easy for setup, transporting and storing. However, with these the banner is rolled up inside the housing which helps keep it protected in transportation and storage.

Banner stands and retractable banners do have a downside to them that they are limited on sizing. Commonly only 24″ – 36″ wide and only 60″ – 80″ tall. If you are needing a larger banner, then you may need to go with a more traditional style of a banner.

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