Koozies & Can Coolers

Look… you gotta keep your beer (or soda) cold. Why not do it with a custom koozie with your logo on it. These are a perfect option for marketing material or promotional products to just handout to keep your beer cold and hands dry. Can Coolers are offered in many different colors, style and sizes. So lets go over some of the basics in them.


Most all can coolers are offered in either foam or neoprene materials.

Foam can coolers are made from a Polyurethane foam material. These are usually less expensive compared to the neoprene, but still good quality. They are also a little thicker of a material.

Neoprene can coolers are similar to wet suit material, much thinner then the foam coolers. They are usually preferred over the foam coolers for this reason along with being a little more durable and a better feel.


Screen printing is the most widely used printing format on can coolers with the exception of the one-of prints and very small batch prints when HTV or Dye-Sublimation may be used. Nowadays some are even starting to be printing using DTG (Direct to Garment) printing methods. But, large batch runs are mostly customized using screen printing methods. You can get good clean prints using only one color or multi-colors and screen print is usually the cheapest and quickest turn around.

With screen print methods on can coolers, you will usually have a 4″w x 4″w print area on one or two sides of the can cooler along with some places offering printing on the bottom of the can cooler. I see a lot of middle fingers being printed on the bottom…. not sure why!


Depending on your order and where you purchase from, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2.00 – $0.50 per can cooler depending on order size and print methods, print colors, etc. Compared to most other promotional items that are being handed out at events, these can be the biggest bang for your buck. Most people have a drawer full of them because they just cant pass them up or throw them away. Now, I’m not saying they are the best value because of getting a return or that they will bring you customers. Just that if you are wanting something with your logo to hand out, compared to something like a shirt or hat they are far cheaper and impact your wallet less or get you in far more hands for the same amount of money.

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