Custom Printing Info & Policies

Understanding your invoice:

This will help you to better undetstand your invoice. The invoice has 3 sections:

Top: This is the customer/job information such as contact info and order time frame.

Middle: This is where the order line items will be found and you can see pricing for each product broken down.

Bottom: This is where you will find all the order totals (subtotal, additional fees, sales tax included) along with our order policies brief overview. See full order policy below.

You can click on the invoice to expand it to get a better look.

Custom Printing Policy

Reviewing Quotes & Invoices:  Please take your time when looking over your quote or invoice to ensure everything is correct. During the quote approval and the artwork approval stages, this is your chance and responsibility to ensure that all information and artwork designs are correct and what you are wanting. Once you approve either of these (quote or artwork), then we may not be able to make changes and if we are able to make the needed changes then this may include additional fees being added to your order.

Note that no work will begin on any orders until order has been approved and paid in full unless otherwise agreed upon. If any other agreements are made, then these will be noted in the quote prior to you approving the work order.

Approvals:  Quote and artwork must be approved before we will be able to move along with the order. Your quote approval ensures the work order itself is correct including services, products, colors, quantities, billing/shipping/contact info, completion date and amounts due. Artwork approval is how you approve the artwork is correct and what you have requested. (see “Artwork” section below for more details.) Once approvals are made, you may not be able to make changes to the order including artwork.

Artwork:  All artwork must be approved before any work will begin. It is your responsibility to look it over and verify everything is correct along including spelling, coloring, sizing and placement. No refunds/reprints will happen for any product that you approved the artwork for that included errors of any kind.

Payment(s):  All work require full payment before any work will begin unless other agreements have been made between HydroCreations and the customer. The reason for this is due to the nature of the work/services/products we offer and to help prevent loss from customers changing their minds after work has began or been completed.

Cancellations: If order has been approved and you decide to cancel your order, then your refund will be minus any cost incurred including apparel, material, hourly work such as artwork and any included additional fees/setup fees. For any items/products/services that have been completed, no refund will be given. If your order is for any product/service that is outsourced from us, no refund will be given if we have placed the order with our vendor(s).

Completion date: Your order completion date is not a guarantee and is based on many factors. Jobs can go past the invoice completion date due to (but not limited to) supplier/shipping delays, material stock shortages, delays in your response to our request, delays in customer provided artwork being provided, along with many other factors. We will do everything in our abilities to always meet the invoiced completion dates, but we make no guarantees.

Specified completion dates: You can request a specific completion date on your order, but this must be done so prior to quote approval. Any specified completion date may incur a “Rush order fee” in which the fee amount will be based on the order and your requested time frame.

Rights to refuse work: HydroCreations reserves the right to refuse any artwork submitted or requested design should it be copyright/trademark infringement related, damaging to our business, may damage or have a negative impact on any of our current or future customers/businesses or any discriminatory/hateful material.