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When you need a high quality look with a touch of elegence, look no furhter than embroidery. From hats to apparel and much more, we got you covered.

Hats Are Polular


Hats are a fantastic choice for promotional items, and there’s nothing quite like the polished look of an embroidered hat. Whether you want to showcase your business name/logo or support your little league sports team, we have just what you need.

Reach out to us today and discover the possibilities.

Other Stitchable Options


Jackets are an excellent product for clients and employees, and at HydroCreations, we take it up a notch by offering logo embroidery. Elevate your style with our embroidered jackets, making them the perfect choice for showcasing your brand.


Beanies are an excellent choice for fall and winter promotional products. They offer the perfect blend of affordability and style, rivaling hats in their appeal. At HydroCreations, we understand the importance of providing high-quality options that won’t break the bank. With our selection of beanies, you can effortlessly elevate your promotional efforts while keeping your budget in check.


Embroidered shirts, like polo shirts, offer a polished and sophisticated appearance for both you and your staff. Trust HydroCreations to provide you with high-quality clothing that exudes professionalism.

There are countless possibilities for embroidery with HydroCreations. Your imagination is the only limit to the timeless depth and beauty it can bring to your designs. Combine different stitch patterns to breathe life into your creations, and experiment with stitch angles to alter the way light glistens on the stitching. Let your designs shimmer like never before.

Some of our work

Unlock the Power of Embroidery from HydroCreations

Bring your embroidery project to life with HydroCreations. We are your one-stop solution, seamlessly handling everything from digitizing your artwork to sourcing the perfect apparel and executing flawless embroidery. Trust us to bring your vision to reality.

We can get your artwork or logo digitized and ready for our embroidery machines. No need to get your artwork digitized and then bring it to us.

Sourcing Apparel

We can get most  popular brands of apparel in, from basics like Gildan and Port & Company to Richardson hats, Nike shirts and even Carhartt.


With our commercial embroidery service, you can rest assured that we got you covered and your products will look amazing.

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