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Privacy Policy

Basic Overview

We take your privacy seriously and we never sell your information to anyone. All information you provide and/or we collect is solely used for the purpose of communicating with you, providing the service(s) or work you requested and to understand how you use our website so we can better improve our website layout and functionality.

Information You Provide

Any information you provide for account related purposes will only be used for order and communication related purposes. Any information you provide through text or email is treated the same as any account related information. Information you provide when contacting us through our website will only be used for communicating with you in response to your message to us.

Information From Our Website – Cookies

Any information collected through you browsing our website, is solely used to better understand how visitors navigate and visit our website through Google Analytics. This does use some cookies that gather non-personal information such as approximate geolocation, device information and session statistics. This information helps us to better understand how visitors browse our website so that we can better improve our website layout and functionality.

  • Geolocation (Approximate City and State): This helps us to know where our visitors are viewing our website from. 
  • Device Information (Mobile, Tablet, Computer and browser type): This helps us to improve the design/layout of our website based on the devices most commonly being used to view our website.
  • Session Statistics (Page views, Time spent, Etc.): This helps us to understand what pages of our website are being viewed the most, what path a visitor took to get to a page on our website, how long a visitor spent on pages and what source brought them to our website (search engine, reference from another website, direct traffic, etc.)


updated Jan. 24th, 2024

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