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Below are categories to choose from to narrow down the search for answers on what you are looking for. Select one or scroll down for the basics. Each area of service has its own policies, so we devided them up to make life a little easier.

General Info

 Get answers to basic questions on our products, services and operations.

Quotes / Invoices

Understand how to read our quotes/invoices and find answers in our frequenlty asked questions.

Print Services

Read about our print services and find answers in our frequenlty asked questions.

Web Design

Learn about our web design services and what all is included along with getting answers to your questions.

General Info

What days are you open?

We are open Monday – Friday and our normal hours are 9:00am – 5:30pm. Pickup times for orders are 10:00am – 5:30pm.

Where is your shop located?

We are located at: 445 W. Elm St., Waverly, IL. 62692. Our shop is located (east) next door to the Waverly Elementary School.

What is your turnaround time?

For most work we usually have a 5-7 business day turn around or lead time. This can vary based of the service you are requesting, whether all items are in stock , the size of the order and our schedule at time of you placing your order. Some services like our screen printing services have an average of 6-10 business days.

Will you match or beat quotes from other print shops?

We will give it our best try, but we cannot guarantee that we will always be able to. Print rates vary from shop to shop for many reasons, most importantly being experience. Experience is a value of its own and some startup shops offer lower rates sometimes because they are getting started and still gaining this experience. Print rates are valued against the skills we have learned over the years and we are giving them to you in our products.

Quotes & Invoices

Can I pay my invoice online?

Yes, your invoice will be emailed to the email address yoour provided or that is on file. You just click “Pay Invoice” and enter your crdeit/debit card information or choose ACH Payment. 

Can I pay my invoice in person or mail a check?

Yes, either stop in our shop to pay in person using a credit/debit card or mail your check to us at: 445 W. Elm St., Waverly, IL. 62692.

Remember that mailing a check or being delayed in getting in to pay in person can push back your job completion time because we do not start any work until payment has been made in full unless otherwise agreed upon.

Why are 2Xl and larger shirts higher priced on my invoice?

Most apparel will run the same price through either X-Large or 2X-Large, depending on the manufacturer. The extra cost you see on a 2XL or larger shirt is not a reflection of our pricing, but rather the higher cost we have to pay for the blank apparel. We are still charging the same amount to print.

Is the "Due Date" on the invoice a guaranteed date?

In short, no. It is the date we expect to have your order completed on or before based on our schedule and your order. Sometimes a job may take longer, may run into items being out of stock or many other problems that push our schedule back. Unless there was an absolute deadline date that you provided us with when placing the order and we agreed to be able to meet that date, then the shown “Due Date” is only an estimate.

Print Services

What types of printing do you offer?

We offer the following print services:

  • Screen Printing
  • Wide Format Printing – including
    • Vinyl – indoor & outdoor
    • Canvas Photos
    • Posters
  • Signage – including
    • Banners
    • Yard Signs
    • Vehicle Magnets
  • Photos
  • Dye-Sublimation
What is your minimum quantity for printing?

At the moment, only screen printing has any minimums which is 12 pieces for standard screen printing. Specialty products like can coolers (koozies) and other promotional items vary based on the product.

Can you do all over printing on apparel?

No, we are not setup for that style of printing.

Can you print my design on multiple colors of shirts?

We sure can. As long as the print color is not changing then you will not have any additional cost. If a change in shirt color requires a change in ink color, then you will incur a color change fee.

Will I get a mockup of my artwork before you print?

Yes, all jobs require you to approve the artwork prior to any printing. You will receive an email asking you to approve the artwork. This is the time when you can note any changes, check spelling, etc. If we print something for you that you have approved and you didn’t catch a spelling mistake or error, then we are not at fault or liable and will not reprint unless your pay for a second run of the print.

What file type should my artwork be in for screen printing?

For screen printing and most other styles of printing, we recommend vector style artwork design files such as AI (Adobe Illustrator), PDF, SVG, EPS. When working with multiple colors, file type should include layers.

What size photos should i use for canvas prints or posters?

For photo style printing such as Canvas Prints or Posters, we recommend 300dpi or higher photos. We DO NOT recommend photos from social media or that have been text or emailed to you that have been condensed. Social media platforms condense photos to make them load faster. Also, most photos on these platforms are only 72dpi. Text and emailed photos usually end up also being condensed to make for quicker transfers (sending/receiving). If you are unsure, provide us with the photo and we will be able to tell you if it can be printed or not in your project.

Generally, it is best to have the original digital photo and email it directly to us. Make sure when doing so, if your mail client asked if you would like to reduce the size of the image, click “no”.

Will you print something that could be offensive to some?

For the most part yes… we might even help improve it. We are all for the 100% freedom of speech and even pushing the envelope on subjects that make someone think they need an herbal tea, pillow and safespace to cry in because they didn’t like the joke. But there are also limits to this. If it is suggesting harm or death to a person, then probably not. 


Will you digitize my artwork?

Yes, we do digitize artwork. Some we do in-house and some we have outside vendors that we contract out to. If we do use one of our contract digitizers, you will not pay any different then if we did it in-house.

Is there a digitizing fee?

Yes, there is a one time digitizing fee. Fees are waived sometimes depending on order size or particular jobs.

What is digitizing?

Digitizing is the process of taking your logo or artwork and converting it into a file type that commercial embroidery machine can read. It is what tells the embroidery machine to stitch a certain pattern, direction, change colors and what path to run.

Can i have just one item (one hat or one jacket) embroidered?

Yes, we do not have minimums on embroidery jobs. However, in some cases only have one item done can be much more pricey compared to multiples being embroidered.

Can you embroider on bills of ball caps?

No, that is something that is done when the hat is actually being made from the manufacturer.

Do you have a thread color limit?

Yes, we have a 15 color max limit for most all embroidery work.

Can i get things other than shirts and hats embroidered?

Yes, we can do towels, stockings and many other items. For the most part, if a needle can go through it, then there is a good chance it can be embroidered.

Will you embroidery on something I bring in?

Yes, we do offer embroidery service for customer provided apparel. You will be asked to sign a waiver acknowledging that you are aware that accidents can happen and embroidery machines can make mistakes.

With some apparel you supply, our suppliers may not offer the same brands, styles or colors. Should something go wrong with an item you provided that our suppliers do not offer, we will notify you of the issue and offer a comparible alternative. Note: Walmart and Amazon are not our suppliers. We use wholesale suppliers for all of our goods.

Web Design

How much does it cost to have a website built?

The cost to build a website will vary based on the type of website you are wanting and what all extras it will include. Each website is custom tailored to your needs and requirements. We can say that a basic website (no ecommerce or blog) will have a $400 minimum cost and does not include domain, hosting, security or SSL

How much will my domain cost?

Domain pricing can vary, ranging anywhere from $20 – $150 per year. Pricing will depend on if you are wanting a .com. .net or a specialty industry based domain like .ai, .tech or .shop. Some premium domains (domains that are based on common words or phrases that people often use in searches) can have a high initial cost of hundreds to thousands of dollars.

How much does hosting cost?

Hosting cost will vary depending on your needs. We do a lot with GoDaddy for our WordPRess websites. This hosting will vary anywhere from $12 – $20 a month and include a SSL, Backups, Firewall and more. Ecommerce websites on Shopify include hosting in their monthly subscription which varies from $30 – $80 for most ecommerce websites and include SSL, email marketing, secure checkout and much more. If you are a large volume seller, the subscription cost can go up to $300 to thousands per month depending on your needs and volume.

Do I need an SSL for my website?

Generally speaking, if you have a place for people to login on your website, have forms that ask sensitive information or have a ecommerce website, then you should have a SSL.

What platform do you build website on?

For non-ecommerce websites, we use WordPress. If you are wanting an ecommerce website, then we usually us Shopify. 

WordPress offers unlimited potential and is one of the most widely used platforms nowadays. For static informative websites to blogs, you will be good to go. You can add plugins as you grow to accomodate any feature you would need.

Shopify is one of the most widely used and growing ecommerce platforms on the market. Very user friendly, reliable and includes a lot for one monthly cost. You even get a SSL included with your subscription.

Will my website be mobile friendly?

Yes, all our website are mobile friendly and responsive.

How long will the build process take?

The build time on your website can vary depending on what type of website you are needing, how many additional features along with number of changes that need made after the fact.

Will you help me make changes in the future?

Most definitely. We are always here to help and want to make sure your websites adjust to your growing demands. Some changes may be a simple flat fee while some larger changes may be billed hourly.

“Finding the right product or print solution can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. At HydroCreations, we strive to simplify the entire process and ensure you find the exact product and quality you desire.”

– HydroCreations LLC

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