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Screen Printing

When you are looking for custom printed apparel, look no further. Whether you are needing a dozen or large quantities, we are here to help.

Screen Printing


We offers an array of popular apparel brands, including Gildan, Port & Company, Tultex, Carhartt, and many more. With our extensive selection, you can rest assured that you will find the exact type of high-quality and stylish apparel you are looking for.

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From one color to multi-color jobs, HydroCreations offers screen printing services that can cover it all. We take pride in using leading ink brands for all our apparel orders. With a wide range of ready-to-use colors and the ability to custom mix and color match inks, we ensure that your brand’s unique needs are met. Trust HydroCreations to bring your designs to life with our top-notch screen printing expertise.


Will you print on apparel I provide?

Yes, we can use apparel you provide… However, let us first cover the ground rules.

Mistakes can happen in printing and although they are not frequent, they do happen. When you allow us to source the items, we know that we can replace with the exact same item should something go wrong in printing. With items you provide, we may not be able to replace with the exact same piece and will notify you about the issue and offer comparable alternatives that we can source from our suppliers. Note: Walmart and Amazon are not our suppliers.

We will most likely be cheaper than the big sale you seen online or instore somewhere else. This is because we provide packaged pricing (wholesale garment + printing) which in the end results will be cheaper usually than you providing apparel and paying for print separately.

What is your minimum quantity for printing?

Screen printing has any minimums which is 12 pieces for standard screen printing. Specialty products like can coolers (koozies) and other promotional items vary based on the product.

Can you do all over printing on apparel?

No, we are not setup for that style of printing.

Can you print my design on multiple colors of shirts?

We sure can. As long as the print color is not changing then you will not have any additional cost. If a change in shirt color requires a change in ink color, then you will incur a color change fee.

Will I get a mockup of my artwork before you print?

Yes, all jobs require you to approve the artwork prior to any printing. You will receive an email asking you to approve the artwork. This is the time when you can note any changes, check spelling, etc. If we print something for you that you have approved and you didn’t catch a spelling mistake or error, then we are not at fault or liable and will not reprint unless your pay for a second run of the print.

What file type should my artwork be in for screen printing?

For screen printing and most other styles of printing, we recommend vector style artwork design files such as AI (Adobe Illustrator), PDF, SVG, EPS. When working with multiple colors, file type should include layers.

Will you print something that could be offensive to some?

For the most part yes… we might even help improve it. We are all for the 100% freedom of speech and even pushing the envelope on subjects that make someone think they need an herbal tea, pillow and safespace to cry in because they didn’t like the joke. But there are also limits to this. If it is suggesting harm or death to a person, then probably not.

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