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Understanding how we operate

This page will help you to better understand our policies in artwork, timelines and more.

Designs / Artwork: Artwork designs are whats needed for any custom printing we do. You can provide your own artwork or hire us to create the needed artwork.

Payments and Terms: Payment in full is required for most all work we do unless otherwise specified and agreed upon.

Timelines: All orders are given an estimated completion date or you may have a deadline date that the order needs completed by. 

Our Terms & Policies

Invoice & Print Policies

All work will require payment in full before any work will begin unless otherwise specified and agreed upon. Any such agreement will be noted in your quote/invoice. Be it noted that “we”, “hydrocreations” and “hydrocreations llc” are all one in the same party.

Please take your time when looking over your quote or invoice to ensure everything is correct. During the quote approval and the artwork approval stages, this is your chance and responsibility to ensure that all information and artwork designs are correct and what you are wanting. Once you approve either of these (quote or artwork), then we may not be able to make changes and if we are able to make the needed changes then this may include additional fees being added to your order.

Note that no work will begin on any orders until order has been approved and paid in full unless otherwise agreed upon. If any other agreements are made, then these will be noted in the quote prior to you approving the work order.

Quote and artwork must be approved before we will be able to move along with the order. Your quote approval ensures the work order itself is correct including services, products, colors, quantities, billing/shipping/contact info, completion date and amounts due. Artwork approval is how you approve the artwork is correct and what you have requested. (see “Artwork” section below for more details.) Once approvals are made, you may not be able to make changes to the order including artwork.

All work require full payment before any work will begin unless other agreements have been made between HydroCreations and the customer. The reason for this is due to the nature of the work/services/products we offer and to help prevent loss from customers changing their minds after work has began or been completed.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, ACH/e-Check and cash/check. All checks are made payable to HydroCreations, 445 W Elm St. Waverly, IL. 62692

Customers will be charged a $45 fee for returned checks.

All quotes will expire within 30 days of creation date. If a quote is re-created after the 30 expireation, then prices will be revised to reflect current pricing for the time frame the new quote is being created.

All work is based on business days which do not include weekends and holidays. The turnaround time is based on overall work to be completed along with the total quantity of products being produced along with availability of merchandise needed to complete said job.

Screen Print Production: Average production time is 15-25 business days from payment and artwork approval. This does not include shipping time.

Embroidery Production: Average production time is 14-21 business days payment and artwork approval. This does not include shipping time.

All other work: Turnaround time will vary based on artwork and production estimate.

Your order completion date is not a guarantee and is based on many factors. Unless otherwise agreed upon, all completion dates are estimated. Some jobs may run past completion dates shown on invoice. Jobs can go past the invoice completion date due to (but not limited to) supplier/shipping delays, material stock shortages, delays in your response to our request, delays in customer provided artwork being provided, along with many other factors. We will do everything in our abilities to always meet the invoiced completion dates, but we make no guarantees.

You can request a specific completion date on your order, but this must be done so prior to quote approval. Any specified completion date may incur a “Rush order fee” and/or a “Expedited artwork fee” in which the fee amount will be based on the order and your requested time frame.

For all rush order jobs, a 10-20% fee may be added depending on your required turnaround time and quantity being requested.

If order has been approved and you decide to cancel your order, then your refund will be minus any cost incurred including apparel, material, hourly work such as artwork and any included additional fees/setup fees. For any items/products/services that have been completed, no refund will be given. If your order is for any product/service that is outsourced from us, no refund will be given if we have placed the order with our vendor(s).

Customer will also be responsible for any restocking/shipping fees incurred by HydroCreations due to the cancellation. Some items are non-returnable goods and are unable to be refunded. You will be responsible for the cost in these items and will be given said items at time of cancellation in the amount reflected in your invoice.

Copyright and ownership of all original artwork created by HydroCreations will be retained by HydroCreations.

You must notify us within 3 days of received goods of any damages or shortages in your order. Any merchandise returned due to minor factory flaws including loose threading will not justify any credit to customers account. Merchandise must be reviewed by HydroCreations first. Please be sure to mark any damages with tape/stickers to speed up this process.

Customer Provided Artwork: Customers may provided their own artwork to be used in production. All artwork provided must be free of any third-party copyrights.

Acceptable artwork must be in one of the following file formats (.AI, .EPS, .PSD, .PDF) and of 300dpi or higher resolution which is considered “Print Ready Artwork”. If you only have your design available in a file format such as .JPEG or .PNG, then you will be billed for “Artwork Design” at our rate of $35.00 per hour.

Artwork Design: We charge a fee of $35.00 per hour for all design work for print works. Embroidery digitizing is based on stitch count.

All screens, separations (digital artwork), films and digitized files are the property of HydroCreations unless otherwise agreed upon prior to work beginning. Copyright and ownership of all original artwork created by HydroCreations will be retained by HydroCreations.

Apparel such as t-shirts and sweat shirts are produced in a manner that can create slight variances from item to item including color, stretch, feel, fitment and weight. Due to this, you should accept there to be slight variances from one printed piece to the next including print position (up to 1/2″) or some slight stretching in the print. Though we do our best to prevent any of this, the manufacture of the apparel and these variances are beyond our control.

Print placement can have slight variances from item to item up to 1/2″. We do our best to align each print, but sometimes these can occur.

Embroidery quotes and digitizing fees are based on the item(s) being embroidered on stitch count in the design. Quotes can only be given after we have looked over your design and know what style/type of embroidery you are requesting.

Minimum order amounts can vary on the product you are having produced. Please check with us to get details on the item(s) you are requesting.

Screen Print: We have a minimum of 12 pieces for all screen printing.

Embroidery: Varies based on item(s) being requested. Hats are a minimum of 6.

Koozies & Cups: Minimum of 100 pcs for all koozie and cups orders.

Business Cards: Minimum of 250 business cards.

Signage and other print works: Most standard print material (Yard Signs, Banners, Posters, Canvas Photos, etc.) can be single prints (quantity of 1 or more). Any other product requiring a minimum, you will be notified at time of quote creation.

All customer goods provided for screen printing will incur a $1.00 per item fee. There is a 5% misprint margin when screen printing on customer supplied goods and we are only liable for reprint costs, not the customer supplied goods.

Setup fees are a per order fee and not a one time fee. Each time you place a screen print order, you will have a setup fee. This fee is for screen production and press setup for your order. Embroidery will incur hooping fees based per item.

A $10.00 fee will be billed per screen for all color changes in screen printing.

For any Pantone / PMS color matching, a $20.00 fee will be added per color. We do our best to reproduce requested colors as close as possible, but certain circumstances may change the shade, tone or intensity of the color based on material being printed on. We are not responsible for these ink color changes or for any alterations in coloring after item has be laundered due to this being beyond our control. HydroCreations is also not responsible for any damage to goods or changes in print coloring, quality or longevity as a result of said item being laundered.

A monthly charge of 1.5% will be incurred for any bill that is past due or that you refuse to pay. Should a suit be necessary to collect said billed amount (total owed plus incurred past due fees), HydroCreations shall be entitled to reasonable attorney and court costs in addition to any other relief granted.

HydroCreations reserves the right to refuse any artwork submitted or requested design should it be copyright/trademark infringement related, damaging to our business, may damage or have a negative impact on any of our current or future customers/businesses or any discriminatory/hateful material.

By placing an order with HydroCreations conctitutes your (the customer) acceptance of all terms and policies laid stated herein. The buyer represents that the person signing is an authorized agent of the buyer and that the signiture of the buyer shall be evidence of acceptance of these terms. This contract, all rights and obligations of the parties thereto shall be governed by the uniform Commercial Code, as enacted and enforced in the state of Illinois, on the date of this agreement. These terms may be updated from time to time and the newest revision will be posted on our website,



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