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Terms & Conditions

Basic Terminology

Any mention of “we” or “us” is to refer to HydroCreations LLC. The mention of “print” or “printing” may also be used in reference to embroidery service(s). This Terms & Conditions page may also be referred to as our “Print Policies” or “Print Guidelines” page.

Business Days / Holidays

Our normal business days are Monday – Friday. This does exclude any major holidays as listed below. We observe many different holidays throughout the year. These days are not counted as business days nor counted as productions days in turnaround times. Holidays we observe, but are not limited to:

  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

Some holidays may be observed on the first monday following, should the holiday fall on a weekend.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time (otherwise known as lead time) can vary from service type and job size. Our standard turnaround time is 5-7 business days unless otherwise notated in subsections below and does exclude any holidays or days that we are unable to work due to weather or other related natural disasters. “Standard turnaround” is referred to as orders with standard print styles without extra requirements that require special treatment.

Payment Terms

For all work, payment is due in full before any work will begin unless otherwise noted and/or agreed upon prior. At this time, we do not accept Net30 Payments.

Rush Orders

Orders that require a completion date sooner than our standard turnaround time are defined as rush order. These jobs may incur additional fees based on the type of work being completed. You will be notified of any of these Rush Order fee’s prior and must be agreed upon and paid before any work begins.

Rush Orders are subject to all other terms outlined in our terms and conditions page.

Completion Date

If you have a specific deadline date (product in-hands date) for your order, then you will need to notify us of this prior to any approvals being made. Any orders with a deadline date that is a shorter time them our standard production time will incur a Rush Order Fee.

Artwork Ownership

All artwork created by HydroCreations is the sole property of HydroCreations. The fee’s you pay for artwork creation are not for the purchase of any artwork, rather you are paying for the time and labor involved in the production of said artwork. You are not paying for rights to the artwork or ownership of the artwork.

This includes any work done by HydroCreations on all artwork we work on including Artwork Creations, Artwork Changes/Modifications, Artwork Digitizing.

If you provide us with artwork that we then need to make changes too, vectorize, digitize or any other modification, you will retain rights to the original file you provided us with should we still have it on hand. We do not always store artwork files provided to us when we have had to create/recreate artwork files from them. We will not sell, reproduce or share artwork provided to use by you or its rightful owner without said owners consent.

Artwork Creation

Any artwork provided to us that is not in print ready format is subject to our artwork fee current rate. Estimates will be provided before this work is started. All artwork creation falls under our “Artwork Ownership” policy as noted in the above section.

Artwork Approval

For all jobs, online artwork approval is required. A mockup of your artwork will be sent to you via email for you to see and allow you to request any changes. One set of revisions is included at no additional charge. Any further changes/request will be billed at our current artwork creation rate. Any request to artwork after you have approved may push your completion date back from the original date. HydroCreations is not responsible for any errors or misspelling in designs/prints with approved mockups and artwork.

Artwork Refusal to Produce

We “HydroCreations” reserve the right to refuse to produce and/or print anything that we deem in violation of our terms or standards. This includes anything that we deem is damaging to our brand, store and/or business, our customers (including their businesses) or anything that is deemed as  threatening, provoking harm to someone, group or business.

We are all about pushing the limits of humor and don’t agree with the bubble wrapped, over sensitive nature of todays society. But we will draw the line on something that can promote or provoke harm to a person, regardless of their outlook on something.

Out of Stock

HydroCreations is not responsible for items being out of stock from the manufacturer. When we build you a quote we do look to check stock levels on items that will be used. However, due to the time frame between the quote being created and the time the order is actually paid, items may become out of stock. We do not stock apparel, it is ordered in at the time of the invoice being paid and is on a order by order basis. Should items become out of stock, then we will do our best to give you an estimated time frame and updates should you decide to wait for them to come in stock or find suitable replacements which will be approved by you prior to making the change and ordering any thing.

Order Minimums

Order minimums vary based on the type of work being done.

  • Embroidery: No min.
  • Screen Printing: 12 Pieces all with the same image(s) printed.
  • All paper good print items: Vary based on product type.


We only ship using UPS or USPS. Transit times can vary based on your location and distance from our shop. Shipping costs may not be included in your quote. The customer is responsible for all shipping costs and all costs will be added to your invoice. These additional shipping cost will be required to be paid before shipping any product(s). Tracking numbers will be provided once available. HydroCreations is not responsible for shipping delays or complications of any type or reason including but not limited to weather or strikes. Shipping time is not included in the job completion time. If you are needing product in hands by a date and also require shipping, then this can impact your actual production time which may change your order to a Rush Order and include additional fees for such. HydroCreations assumes no responsibility for goods once they leave our facility. Products will be shipped to the shipping address on the invoice that you provide. It is your responsibility to verify this information is correct when approving the invoice. We will not be responsible for any shipments to incorrect address that you have approved the invoice.


All items will be packed in appropriate packing. May vary based on type of goods. Apparel such as shirts/sweaters will be bulk packed, usually folded by dozens.

Order Problems

Please look over your order and check that all goods are correct as soon as you receive them. You have 72 hours from date of receiving goods to report any errors. After the 72 hours has passed, we will not be responsible for any errors found.

Social Media

We take pride in our work and love showing it off. This is how we show our work to potential customers. We may take photos and/or videos and post them online to Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms including our website. If you do not want your product photographed and posted, then it is you responsibility to notify us. Otherwise we will assume that you are giving us full permission to photograph and post online.

Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellations will not be able to be made once any printing has started. Any order that is cancelled prior to printing will incur a cancellation fee which is a percentage based off the order total value. Any fees paid for artwork that has been completed or costs for any items that have been purchased that are unreturnable will not be refunded.

  • Prior to us purchasing any goods (material or apparel): 10%
  • After we have purchased any goods (material or apparel): 20% plus any return costs/fee’s to the vendor: TBD
  • Once printing has began: No cancellation will be accepted for any reason. Not even if you need gas money to get to the next town for your sisters, baby daddys, cousins wedding.

Any approved refund will be issued back to you within 30 days of approval using the same payment method you used to pay us. If you paid using a card, then we will process your refund back to that card. If you paid using cash or check, then you will receive a check for your refund.

Returns / Exchanges

Due to the nature of our work, we do not offer returns or exchanges. This is the reason we provide mockups prior to production for you to approve the design including, color, placement, sizing and more. All work and services we offer fall under this policy even if not specifically mention/listed directly in said section below.

Returned Checks

Any returned check will incur a $35 fee. Any payments following this will need to be made in cash or with a cashiers check.


Due Dates

The due date shown on your invoice is only an estimate unless an absolute deadline date was provided to us when placing the order and was agreed on by us to be able to meet said deadline date. This date is only an estimate based on our schedule and many things can happen to push your job back a few days. We will do our best to notify when we pass the date shown on your invoice and keep you updated on the expected completion date.

Guaranteed Completion Dates

If you have a specific deadline date (product in-hands date) for your order, then you will need to notify us of this prior to any approvals being made. Any orders with a deadline date that is a shorter time them our standard production time will incur a Rush Order Fee.

Print Services

Ink Color Change

Ink color changes during a screen print run will be charged a fee of $10 per location color being changed. Any color print run has a 12 print minimum before any color changes can be done.

Ink Color Reorders

Due to the nature of screen printing and of fabric, we are unable to guarantee exact color matching on reorders. If a color was custom mixed for the initial order, then the printed color may have a slim difference in the reprint from remaking the custom color. Changing apparel types (i.e. t-shirt to sweaters) may have a slight color difference in the print due to material difference.

Image Placement

We do our best to make sure all pieces are printed with consistent print placement in a run. Some small shifts should be expected. For example; A print with a drop of 2″ down from the collar could have a 0.75″ tolerance in either direction.

Image Size

Image size will be the same in each print placement for a run no matter the size of the shirt. Any size apparel with a print within 1″ on a seam can cause distortion and print imperfections. These are deemed acceptable. If you are ordering adult sizes along with youth or toddler, then your print order may require 2 or 3 setup charges. This is because you will need one size of prints on your adult sizes, a smaller size of prints for youth and an even smaller size print for toddler.

Seams, Collars and Zippers

These areas can have small imperfections/distortions. This is normal and considered acceptable.

Print Quality

We do our best to make sure everything is printed in the same quality from beginning to end and do our best in quality control. However, things can be overlooked from time to time, especially when we are looking at the same thing over and over and over.

Some print techniques can have small imperfections and/or differences from one piece to another. For example,  screen printing is a hand done print and can have many factors play a role in how each item is printed, from one garment to the next in the same print run. This can include a small faint pinhole where ink did not pass on to the garment on only one or a couple garments. A highlight or detail line may be slightly more bold, brighter, less vibrant or thinner than other garments show it. This is normal and perfectly acceptable. Minor imperfections in screen printing can be expected.

In items that are digital printed (meaning actually ran through a printer) minor imperfections are a lot less, if not at all likely. Print quality in digital print items were you (the customer) have provided the images/graphics being printed, will highly rely on the size, spec and quality of the images/graphics you provided. For example. printing a 24″x36″ canvas photo or a 60″x36″ banner using a .jpg image that is 8″x12″ and only 72dpi will result in a blurry/grainy printed canvas or banner.

Returns / Exchanges

Due to the nature of custom apparel and printing, there are no refunds or exchanges on any custom print work including (but not limitied to) screen printing, signage, wide format printing, die cut vinyl, photo, canvas and any HTV, DTF or Die-Sublimation. 


Hooping / Setup Fees

Hooping fees will vary based on type of embroidery work (apparel type) and the total quantity of garments being processed. Most of our hooping fees are built-in to our pricing structure, but may sometimes be shown as a separate or additional fee.

Digitizing Fees

A digitizing fee covers out time in converting you artwork to a digitized file type that our embroidery machines can read. This is required in all first time jobs and is a one time fee as long as no changes are made including sizing and adding to or removing from the artwork. Each digitizing job (file) can be specific to the type of apparel being embroidered on. For example: A file that is digitized for a structured hat will not be the same as what would be used on a stocking cap/beanie or a shirt and would require separate digitizing fees. As stated in the above section “Artwork Ownership“, any and all files created by us, including digitizing, remains the sole property of us “HydroCreations”. Fees paid for service are not for the purchase of said artwork but rather for the service and time of us doing the work to create the files.

Turn Around Time (Lead Time)

Turn around time can vary based on scope of work including complexity, sizing (including overall embroidery size, number of stitches, trims, etc.), total quantity of pieces being produced and our schedule. Most embroidery work has an average lead time of 10-14 business days.


Standard left chest embroidery area is 4″x4″ of sewable area. Hats have a max height of 2.25″ – 2.5″ and the width can vary based on artwork and hat type.

Lettering under 1/4″ may result in difficult to read letters and/or not be legible.

Customer Apparel

We only embroider on limited customer apparel and is at our discretion of when we will or will not accept customer provided apparel for jobs. Any customer provided apparel is at the customers risk and we offer no guarantee on any customer provided apparel.


As with all of our work, 100% payments will be required before any work will begin. See or “Payment Terms” to learn more about our payment requirements.

Returns / Exchanges

Due to the nature of custom apparel and embroidery, there are no refunds or exchanges on any embroidery work that falls within the spec of embroidery work. Minor thread skips or missing stiches can occur in embroidery and is normal.

Online Stores

All information in this section below is in addition to our terms stated above.

Online Store Cost

Online stores have a $50 flat fee to be open for up to 30 days. This fee is not a subscription, just the cost to have an online store for purchasing apparel you wish to sell. Once you go over the 30 day mark, you will be billed an additional $50. There is not a prorated fee amount for stores open less than 30 days.

Online Store Dates

Your online store can be ran for a set period of time. There will be a start date and a close date. Upon the close date, your online store will automatically close. Once your store has closed, we will not allow any orders to be added for any reason. 

Online Store Lead Time

Your online store orders will generally require a 2 week lead time to produce goods sold before they will be available for pickup or shipping. This can change due to shortages in available supplies from our suppliers. Though when we are starting your product list for an online store, products may show readily available, a lot can happen in a week or 2 weeks time and an item or items may become sold out of sizes or colors. This is out of our control and will delay the production.

Due to our schedule of other work, a longer lead time may be required due to work we already have planned from other customers. You will be notified of this in the planning stages of your online store should it be the issue.


We will only list items for sale that we produce. For online stores, we will not accept or use customer provided apparel/merchandise. We reserve the right to refuse to list/sell items that we deem violate our terms and conditions.

Shipping / Local Pickup

Shipping and local pickup options are both available for online stores. All shipping is done through the USPS. Shipping can be offered and “Flat Rate” or “Calculated”.

Flat Rate Shipping: If you choose to offer flat rate shipping and any shipment(s) end up having a shipping cost higher than the amount you choose to charge for flat rate shipping, then you will be responsible for the additional shipping cost(s) incurred.

Packaging and Shipping Products: After the store is closed and all apparel is produced, we will print out all the order forms and pay to you all the collected shipping fees so you can package and ship the orders. If you are wanting us to package and ship the orders, then there will be a $2.00 per order cost billed to you.

Local Pickup: If you choose local pickup as an option for your store, then you will need to provide the information of said location.

Order Processing

After your store has closed, we will begin ordering in all needed apparel and then begin producing the items sold. All like items will be grouped together and boxed for you to pick up. We do not sort/group products based on the orders unless agreed upon prior to the store being opened/scheduled or you have chosen for us to package and ship out the orders.

Mockups / Product Images

Product photos are only meant to show a representation of the finished product. Coloring, sizing and/or positioning of the imprint may vary on the actual finished product. Coloring can vary due to the nature of screens and how they produce or show a color. Imprint sizing and position in photos are loosely based on smaller sized apparel items.

Imprints / Embellishments

All imprints of a design for a product will be of the same size across all apparel sizes with the exception of youth to adult sizes. The standard size for a back of a shirt print is 12″ wide. The larger the shirt size, the more empty shirt space there will be on each side of this imprinted design. We do not scale up the print size for larger sized shirts.


You can choose to add a markup to our pricing when requesting an online store. These markup amounts are chosen by you and will be added to our pricing to create the final price of an item being sold.


If you have chosen to have a markup added to your products to raise money and/or you are packaging and shipping orders out that were sold on your store, then we will pay you the total amount at the end once all items have either been shipped out by us or you are picking up the items to deliver/ship out on your own. The total amount will be calculated as follows: (Total Amount Raised + Total Shipping Fees Collected “unless we ship orders”) – (Store Fee(s) + Any Additional Shipping Charges “when we ship orders out”) = Total Payout Amount. You will be responsible for claiming this amount when you file taxes.

Web Design

Web Design Service

With all web design projects, it is you (the clients) responsibility to provide us with all text content in digital format along with all images/photos unless images/photos have been included in the contract agreement.

Website Maintenance

Unless you are in a contract with us for monthly/yearly maintenance for your website, then it is your responsibility to maintain your website along with making sure that everything including (but not limited to) PHP version, WordPress version, Plugin versions, Theme version, Security (including SSL certificates) are all up to date. We do not offer maintenance contracts that include any SSL or security software(s) maintenance. Shopify will take care of all this for you and GoDaddy will easily set them up and help you maintain them. Simply, it is their features that they sell and back.

Our maintenance contracts are based on hours that will be allowed for work to be performed each month. Unused hours do not roll over to the next month nor do the accumulate over months or years. No refunds are given for unused hours. Work is billed in 15 minute increments, with a 30 minute minimum for each job requested outside of normal monthly maintenance. All plans are either billed monthly, or at a discounted rate if paid yearly.

Website UPTIME / Hosting

We are not a hosting service and we are not directly providing hosting service(s) for your website. Hosting and up-time guarantees are made and backed by the hosting service provider that your website is on, such as GoDaddy for WordPress websites and Shopify for Ecommerce websites unless another platform/hosting service provider was used. We “HydroCreations” make no uptime guarantees and are not liable for any loss of any type or damages of any type incurred from or resulting from the downtime of your website.

SSL Certificates

For ecommerce websites, Shopify provides, maintains and backs your SSl Certificate(s). For WordPress websites, your SSL certificate(s) are provided by and backed by GoDaddy. It is your responsibility to ensure that these certificates are up to date and valid unless otherwise agreed upon in a contract with us. We “HydroCreations” make no guarantees and are not liable for any loss of any type or damages of any type incurred from or resulting from SSL (including encryption issues) related issues/problems.

Website Security

Website security is backed by either Godaddy for WordPress websites or Shopify for ecommerce websites. We “HydroCreations” make no guarantees of your chosen/used website security and are not liable for any loss of any type or damages of any type incurred from or resulting from hackers, malware, SQL injections, DDoS attacks or anything else of your website.

Website Build Reliability

The reliability of your website is reliant upon keeping everything up to date. Ecommerce websites on Shopify are mostly auto updated with the exception of themes. Themes that have been modified (changes in theme coding) will always need to be updated to the newest version manually along with modifications being added into the new version of the theme. If no modifications (changes in theme coding) have been made to the theme files, then they can auto update to the newest version. WordPress websites on GoDaddy can require a bit more work in keeping everything up to date. On the GoDaddy hosting end, you will need to keep your PHP version up to date along with WordPress itself. These can both be automated depending on the settings you choose in your GoDaddy account. Theme and plugin versions have some automated update options, but some may need to be done manually.

It is your responsibility (unless in a maintenance contract with us) to keep these all up to date. Avoiding, procrastination and denying of these updates will pose both, reliability and security risk for your website. This can lead to your website not loading correctly, not loading at all, parts of the website not functioning correctly along with potential for hackers to access the backend of your website for malicious intent by exploiting holes/errors in the programs (PHP, WordPress, themes and plugins). We “HydroCreations” are not responsible or liable for any damages or loss of anytype resulting from a/your website failure of any type including outdated and/or up to date versions of any files that are related to your website.

Overall Liability

We “HydroCreations” are not responsible or liable for any (but not limited to) damages or loss of anytype resulting from any failure/exploit/downtime/hacking/encryption issues, problems or failures. This includes outdated and/or up to date versions of any files that are related to your website. In simple terms, we do not own nor did we produce any of the files (i.e. theme files, plugin files, security software/programs/applications) that are installed on or used as a part of your websites. Our services are setting up and designing (choosing fonts, colors, layout, etc.) of your website based on the information you have provided us with which may include installing third party plugins/software/applications to accommodate your website needs. If you choose so, you can request that any application/plugin that you do not trust to not be used in or removed from the website. Doing so may impact and/or change the look and/or functionality of your website.  It is your website and all responsibility of any type falls on you and the one providing any guarantee of the theme, plugin, security software, program and/or application being used.

Cancellations and Refunds on Web Design Services

Once payment or deposit has been made to us “HydroCreations” for web design work, it is non-refundable. If for any circumstance a refund is approved, any and all work that has been completed by us “HydroCreations” will remain the property of HydroCreations. 

Cancellations and Refunds on Website MAINTENANCE Contracts

On all maintenance service contracts, a 100% refund can be issued if cancelled within the first 15 days from contract beginning date as long as no work has been done that is covered by the contract. Once any work has been started that is covered by the contract or more than 15 days from contract beginning date has passed, then absolutely no refunds will be given.

Any approved refund will be issued back to you within 30 days of approval using the same payment method you used to pay us. If you paid using a card, then we will process your refund back to that card. If you paid using cash or check, then you will receive a check for your refund.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We Take Pride in Our Work

We do our best make sure that we meet your expectations. However, we are only human and mistakes are made. Should you ever receive something you ordered from us that you are not happy with, then please reach out to us and we will do our best to make it right. 

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